Monday, March 30, 2009

Deleuze/De Landa

I like this discussion regarding the autonomous generic system of which De Landa argues about. There is this very intriguing idea of a system “CAD-like” that is capable to react independently and completely autonomous of any outside “human” interventions. In order to achieve this system De Landa suggests taking an almost biological-evolutionary approach. The idea of genetics and that a column or a beam can almost become a genetic element part of the larger system that at the same time maintains information from its primordial beginnings to its present use is a very intriguing one.
This however means that this new CAD system is to have a totally different structural organization of what we are using today. There is also some reference to the philosophy of form which is to be at the bases of this new system and of which Deleuze references to as singularities as part of a machinic phylum.

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