Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Survivors

Saturday, February 28th, 2009
The Survivors

A, B

C, D

D, E, F



A, B

D, E

A, C


C, E


B, E, F


A , C

A, B,

A, B

The meshes show several qualities that make them successful, and fall under one or more of the categories listed below:
A Transformation or gradient in density
There is a definite gradient or transformation in the density of the meshes from one edge to another.
B Manipulation on the inherent qualities of the mesh
The piece makes use of the geometry inherent in the mesh, and its materiality. Folding, cutting and creation of form are done in accord with these.
C Structure
The model successfully reduces the quality of surface or skin, and exists in a state of structure. The mesh is no longer just a surface, but develops more 3 dimensional qualities.
D Complexity
The meshes show a great deal of complexity in themselves. In some pieces, the geometry of the model shows complexity in the coexistence of various other qualities – intensity, enclosure, etc.
E Intensity
The model shows one node, joint or spine that shows particular and distinct intensity, and sets it apart from the rest of the mesh.
F Enclosure
The model shows qualities of partial or complete enclosure, and states of interior and exterior exist in the model.

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